Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Customer privacy is a significant factor in our business. And we are very much conscious about that. Here at Big Weed Dispensary, we have developed our Privacy Policy for protecting and making the best use of the customer details that our clients offer us voluntarily. Before providing any specific data about yourself on our website, we ask you to go through our policy thoroughly. For making our service more personalized and customer-friendly, we require several details from our customers. You can help us with that by filling up the form on our website. The privacy policy will depict how we use, maintain, and protect those details, only for improving our service.

Details we need from Our customers

We do not use cookies. That is why we collect several details that help us understand the particular needs of our customers. The details are voluntarily provided by our customers. And we only use them for improving services. Here are the details that we usually require:
  • Name of the customers
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Email id
Also, these help us inform our clients about the status and the service. However, under no circumstance, we use these details for any promotional purpose.

How we use, maintain and protect the details

We handle all your data carefully. We know that the details are also likely to contain banking details. Therefore, we take strict precautionary measures for protecting the data.Only our selected members have access to these details. And we never share those with any promotional source or any third party. We discuss the details with a third party source only when it is about product delivery. We store the details in our secured database. And we protect that with antivirus for preventing malware attacks.

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