Blue Jack Full Melt

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Lab Tested Result For Blue Jack Full Melt :

THC   :   94.66%

CBD   :   0.23%

CBN   :  0.25%

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Product Description

Blue Jack Full Melt Europe

Buy Blue Jack Full Melt UK and Europe Online from Big Weed today!  This full melt bubble hash combines our popular Blue Dream and Jack Herer strains. When you Buy Blue Jack Full Melt from us quality is assured Blue Jack is among the strains that provides a feeling of newness to smokers; its own citrus such as odor elicits the sensation of calmness and also calms the nerves. The strain can be known as jack, however in the past several decades, it’s taken ‘ Blue Jack’s title.’ The strain’s effects include chills, joy, laziness, sleepiness and mood that is uplifted. Looking for where to Buy  Blue Jack Full Melt Europe looks no further than Big Weed Dispensary. However, Blue Jack can provide relief from various ailments. The strain was used as a cure for stress. Smokers have also reported relief from pain, anxiety, sleeplessness and lack of appetite. Even Though the strain Doesn’t Have any side effects, but effects like dry mouth and dry eyes have been commonly detected in heavy smokers.

Lab Tested Result For Blue Jack Full Melt :

THC   :   91.66% CBD   :   0.23% CBN   :  0.23% Flavors: Earthy, Wood, Pine Effects: Happy, Hungry, and Sleepy Medical: Creative, uplifting, euphoric and stress relief Potency: 79.33% THC Content

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