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Blue Moon Rocks

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THC Content

Highest Test24%                    

Strain Average24%               

Indica Average12.5%           

Typical Effects

 Relaxed 10/10

 Happy 8/10     

 Creative 2/10

Euphoric 4/10

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Product Description

Buy Blue Moon Rocks Europe

Blue Moon Rocks, an Indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing BOG Bubble with Blue Moon (Sativa/Indica ratio of roughly 30:70) When you Buy Blue Moon Rocks Europe from us quality is assured. Typical not far from that amount and THC levels of the breed have proven to achieve 24 percent. Its high will generate a body buzz that causes a state of comfort and uplifts the spirits. The user is going to be hauled to a state whilst sleepiness ensues, which makes this breed for nights and evenings. It may alleviate pain, together with a poor disposition and headaches and muscle aches. With a few promising undertones of lavender, the cannabis breed Blue Moon Rocks creates an odor and tastes reminiscent of berries. Its buds are around and compact, covered with colors and resin.

Medical Benefits

This makes this pick for treating a wide array of ailments, such as migraines, low mood, stress, headaches, muscle spasms, and multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and everyday pressures. Expect rather strong consequences, with a powerful dose of euphoria plus an extreme but calming body buzz. As there is hardly any of the compounds in this strain, much less than 1% Blue Moon Rocks is not a great choice for treating conditions that react to CBD, for example, epilepsy.

THC Content                Typical Effects

Highest Test24%                     Relaxed 10/10

Strain Average24%                 Happy 8/10             

Indica Average12.5%             Creative 2/10

                                                  Euphoric 4/10

There are few widespread reports on the side effects of this strain, but tokers can probably expect the usual: dry eyes, cottonmouth, and paranoia. Found on the medical markets of the West Coast and in Arizona, Blue Moon Rocks is much harder to find in other places, including the black market. Our favorite part is when he breaks it up in a close-up at the end and you can see the oil clearly. So beautiful! Check out the review below and let us know what you think! Looking for where to Buy Moon Rocks Online Europe, Big Weed Dispensary is the right site online.  

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