Cotton Candy Kush

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TYPE:  Hybrid

THC: Between 12% and 22%

GENETICS: Skunk strains and  Afghani Hawaiian

BEST FOR TREATING: Great for pain and stress-related conditions.

CREATED FEELINGS: , Cotton Candy weed promotes happiness and a positive sense of well-being. It’s easy to leave worries and problems behind when the Cotton Candy strain is around. .


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Product Description

Buy Cotton Candy Kush Europe

The cannabis strain Silk Chocolate Kush is a hybrid which emits a floral odor that many characterize as a odor. It tastes of berries using a grape or floral undertone based on harvest. Its buds may have a pinkish tinge. The normal THC content of cotton Candy rests between 13-15%. Its high is proven to improve appetite,which makes it a fantastic selection of strain. When you Buy Cotton Candy Kush Europe from us quality is assure. Many absorb this strain throughout the day or evening, because disposition uplifts and generates a body that will relax your muscles. Reviewers appreciate its consequences which makes this a great breed to use if seeking to remove authors block, increasing creativity or pursuing hobbies that are imaginative. Also known simply as Cotton Candy, is a hybrid with balanced effects right “In the Middle,” if you’re looking for both the cerebral kick of a quality sativa and the body relaxing powers of a strong indica. Lavender, a floral indica, which has won many awards is the indica parent of Cotton Candy Kush. This strain’s sativa lineage comes from spicy, THC-rich Power Plant. Cotton Candy Kush’s green and lavender buds are short and fat with a resinous “candied” look. The sweet and floral taste of this Emerald Cup winner contributes to the overall happy feeling this high provides. Furthermore, Cotton Candy Kush (Cotton Candy strain) is a high-yielding and potent Hybrid. THC levels in the Cotton Candy Kush strain often exceed 20%, making this flower great for pain and stress-related conditions. You’ll recognize the Cotton Candy strain by its sweet candy-like aroma.  

Cotton Candy Kush Experience

  Fast-acting, the Cotton Candy Kush marijuana strain (Cotton Candy strain) produces strong sedative effects. Tranquilizing, expect a calm, relaxed body high with some classic Sativa uplift from this easygoing flower. In instigator of happier times, Cotton Candy weed promotes happiness and a positive sense of well-being. It’s easy to leave worries and problems behind when the Cotton Candy strain is around. Best saved for after work, this herb makes for a delightful pre-dinner treat. This charming flower encourages appetite and may help you wind down enough to enjoy a delicious tasting meal. Though Cotton Candy may seem innocent, this strain packs some THC. It’s not uncommon for levels to exceed 20%, meaning that new users should be careful. Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;
    • Cotton Candy Kush Oil Pens may be available from select brands, like W Vapes.
  • Cotton Candy shatter, Cotton Candy Kush wax, and other Cotton Candy strain concentrates are also available from a number of retailers.

Medical Benefits of Cotton Candy Kush

There are a number of medicinal application for this particular strain, which can make it an appealing choice for medical marijuana patients. Medical marijuana patients tend to use this strain for the treatment of pain, nausea, depression and chronic stress.Looking for where to Buy Cotton Candy Kush Europe, Big Weed Dispensary is the right site for you.
    • Migraine sufferers also tend to find relief with Cotton Candy
  • This cannabis strain is also popular among those with inflammatory conditions like arthritis

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