Hindu Kush

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RATING    :  8.9

TYPE       :   Indica

THC      :   Between 16% and 20%

GENETICS   : Landrace of the Hindu kush Mountains

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Hindu Kush is a pure indica breed that’s indigenous to the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan’s areas. This marijuana is notorious among users all over the globe because of its indica consequences when you Want a little Assistance to let go and high which is Ideal for any day or sleepless evening. Looking for where to Buy Hindu Kush Online Europe, looks no further than Big Weed Dispensary. Even the Hindu Kush high features a construction beginning that creeps on body and mind before taking hold. You will feel that a effect settle leaving you feeling hazy and unfocused and relieving any ideas that are racing or negative. Sedated for hours and hours on end and your body will start to follow suit as your brain settles into oblivion. Shortly, a effect will settle , leaving as body and mind fade away, you hauled off and forth Due to its own moderate THC degree and those results, Hindu Kush has been reportedly ideal for treating individuals suffering from ailments such as chronic pain or muscle aches, muscle cramps, IBS, insomnia, and nausea or appetite reduction. This bud includes a skunky taste. The odor is aromatic and pungent with a impact that is emphasized by fresh herbs and pine. Hindu Kush buds have a coat of crystal trichomes along with oversize forest nugs with orange hairs. When you Buy Hindu Kush Online Europe from us quality is assured. RATING                     :  8.9 TYPE                          :   Indica THC                           :   Between 16% and 20% GENETICS               : Landrace of the Hindu kush Mountains APPEARANCE       : Hindu kush has dense nugs that are very resinous . It is coated in an abundance of glistening trichomes and orange hairs.


It provide a classic heavy body effect while knocking out pain and easing muscles tension    

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