Sour Diesel


TYPE: Sativa

THC: up to 19%

GENETICS: Chemdawg x Northern Lights x Skunk No.1

SMELL: A great lemon and diesel gas smell.

BEST FOR TREATING: Depression, Fatigue, Seizures, Anxiety and Pain


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Product Description

Buy Sour Diesel Online Europe

Sour Diesel, otherwise known as”Sour D” or”Sour Deez” is a sativa dominant hybrid breed using a 90:10 sativa/indica ratio. The origin of Sour Diesel is debated over the bud community.Either way, you may undoubtedly anticipate a high like no other. Couch lock and a”heavy feeling” aren’t a factor when smoking gas. When you Buy Sour Diesel Online Europe from us quality is guaranteed Due to this effervescent many people decide to smoke diesel. The potency of this strain is just sufficient to offer you a high and turn into your toke. The term”diesel” in sour diesel didn’t come from absolutely nowhere. This breed has one of the aromas of any strain juice. You can anticipate a smooth toke with a lemon aftertaste. The appearance of diesel consists of light mug covered in orange hairs. Sour Diesel a famous legendary strain in the market that spawned many other hybrid varieties of cannabis, Sour Diesel is a strain to reckoned and something that should be in every cannabis cultivators arsenals. Sour Diesel marijuana provides a fast-acting, dream high. This strain is immensely popular throughout the world and provides very good therapeutic relief to severe, chronic pain and nausea. It has high levels of THC providing the Sour Diesel patient with the psychoactive and energetic mind-high often associated with the sativa. This makes Sour Diesel an effectual treatment for stimulating the appetite, reducing depression, migraines, and nausea. Sativa strains like this Sour Diesel, generally tend to cause feelings of alertness, mental clarity/vitality. Sour Diesel patients find this sativa suitable for day time medication.Buy Sour Diesel Marijuana Online. Looking for where to Buy Sour Diesel Online Europe  look no further than Big Weed Dispensary.

Sour Diesel Experiences

An excellent daytime strain, Sour Diesel (Sour D) provides a smooth and powerful uplift. This strain is as energizing as a cup of coffee. You’ll likely feel Sour D’s effects mostly in your head. In fact, most people find that this strain renders a purely cerebral experience. Though there is a little Indica in the mix, you sure don’t feel it. Recreational consumers will love this strain for a night out. If you have been putting off some chores, Sour D will help you finish them all with vigor. Buy Sour Diesel Marijuana Online UK. The THC content of this strain often runs high, anywhere from 19 to 25%. Those new to cannabis may want to start slow with Sour Diesel. If you are inexperienced with cannabis, you may not enjoy the raciness that can come along with this Sativa.

Medical Benefits of Sour Diesel

Undeniably popular with recreational marijuana enthusiasts, this strain is a hit with the medical marijuana community for its potency and long-lasting effects
  • For medical purposes, this strain is used predominantly for stress
  • Some with ADD/ADHD and anxiety disorders enjoy this strain, but Sour Diesel has a tendency to cause paranoia when used in high doses.
  • Inflammatory conditions like arthritis may also benefit from Sour Diesel, but don’t expect any heavy-bodied sensations

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